About Us

About Us

OMICRON Surgical Instruments (OSI) is a new and exciting brand in surgical instrument manufacturing. We offer innovation and excellence in the crafting of a broad range of surgical instruments. We have exceptionally reliable contract manufacturing faculties with a relentless dedication to the pursuit of excellence and reliability. We have diverted our business scope by developing new manufacturing techniques to meet market needs.

OSI brings together impeccable traditional handmade manufacturing methods with technology you would only trust from an OSI product. Each item is made by hand using a multiple-stage process. The end products speak for themselves. The commitment to quality is demonstrated in every stage of production; every instrument crafted is the result of our outstanding industry knowledge and is taken from the surgeon's perspective combined with our ability to provide high quality instruments.

OSI specializes in ophthalmic (including Lasic), electro-magnetic, dental, manicure and surgical scissors of all types. Our manufacturing process only use the finest grade Japanese stainless steel. A range of products is available in titanium.

OSI have an open-ended ideology and we are happy to design products to suit your requirements and will produce each order on demand each following rigorous quality control.

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OSI is pure craftsmanship..